Police: Suspect Faces Judge After Skipping Bond 9-15-2010

It amazes me that someone in our industry would fall for a stunt like this.

A man accused of kidnapping his estranged wife in May before leading police on a 50-mile chase appeared in court Wednesday on new charges.
Police said Eric Stiggle was arrested after attempting to skip bond.
Norwich officers took Stiggle into custody Tuesday night in Norwich and he is now charged with three counts of failure to appear.
“Can I say something, your honor,” he said. “I turned myself in.”
Prosecutors said he used a bogus letter to convince a bondsman to post his more than $1.3 million bail Monday. Police said the bond letter he gave the bail bondsman claiming he had hundreds of thousands of dollars came from a Norwich attorney who died earlier this year.
Stiggle’s new bond was set at $2.5 million.
“Me and my father was having dinner,” Stiggle said. “I was going to turn myself in to Norwich police. I wasn’t going to run.”
Police said Stiggle stabbed his wife, Sara DeCoster, 31, multiple times on May 30 before kidnapping her. Neighbors reported seeing a woman wrapped in a blanket tossed into a white Toyota SUV.
Stiggle crashed the car in Chatham, N.Y., during a chase that began in Holyoke, Mass. DeCoster survived.