Most Followed Criminal Defense Attorneys in Connecticut

The effects that social media has on marketing continue to grow stronger and we were particularly interested in learning more about Twitter. We wanted to see if there were any Connecticut criminal defense attorneys on Twitter and were surprised to find so many. We decided to compile a list of the most followed criminal defense attorneys in our home state. We have listed them below.

The Most Followed Criminal Defense Attorneys in Connecticut

  1. @lawbaron
  2. @JimMiron
  3. @Norm_Pattis
  4. @rossgarber
  5. @AttorneyScottGa
  6. @rpaolino
  7. @COP_LAW
  8. @TheLegalDiva
  9. @MuchinskyLaw
  10. @fontainelaw
  11. @RobinsonCole
  12. @Lindu14
  13. @RiccioLaw
  14. @JDonnellyESQ
  15. @CTAttorney
  16. @hdmlawyer
  17. @RobSConn
  18. @DamonKirschbaum
  19. @KaloidisLawFirm
  20. @AttorneyUnger
  21. @BigD2033
  22. @WalterDHussey
  23. @danwenner
  24. @JohnWalkleyLaw
  25. @WiltonCTLawyer
  26. @MarkShermanLaw
  27. @ShariShore
  28. @attorneycollier
  29. @ct_dui_lawyer
  30. @JackODonnellLaw
  31. @PaolettiGusmano
  32. @joncantor
  33. @hamptonlaw
  34. @UryMoskow
  35. @JacobsDowLLC

From a business perspective, Twitter has been used by professionals not only as a marketing tool, but as an information tool as well. You could use it as a way to build a wider client base, spread current industry news, respond to client inquiries, and network into different areas of the industry around the country. It makes sense because it gives you another way to communicate with current and future clients. Tweeting about things of common interest will keep your followers captivated and involved. Take Jim Miron’s tweet, for example:

It was informative to his audience, keeping his followers up-to-date, and he also shared a link allowing people to read the full article. It received a couple of retweets, which means that people that weren’t necessarily connected to Jim were seeing it as well. That’s one way to increase followers.

It was interesting compiling the list and to see many of the criminal defense attorneys in Connecticut on Twitter. Hope that you find the list interesting and informative (maybe enough to tweet about?).

For those on the list, grab the badge below.