Social Media Sentiments of Bail Agents, Police, Attorneys, and Politicians

When it comes to bail bonding, there are people on both sides of the fences regarding in which light the profession is held. Some who are familiar with the industry see it as an opportunity to set one’s affairs in order or go on with their lives while awaiting trial. Others may think that the industry has a fair share of individuals that are less than ethical.

We sought to find out how people really feel about the bail bonding industry and what better way than to use social media. Social sites are becoming the best way to gauge the climate on a brand, industry, or even an individual. Using this information, we will be able to find out what regard bail is commonly held in. Casting a wide net across social media platforms and searching keywords like “bail bonds” and “bail bondsmen”, we were able to find out how people felt about the industry. Below, you can see the results of analyzing over 40,000 publicly available Facebook and Twitter messages. We also included some other professions so that you have points of comparison.


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It turned out some of the postings were from bail agents either providing information about bail or advertising for their company. Most of the non-bail agent posts were neutral to the industry. A lot of the negative posts regarding bail were a response to a Wisconsin bill that would allow bail companies back into the state. Some negative posts noted excessive bail amounts and bail agents being too strict about collecting fees. Nearly all of the positive remarks were from people thankful to bail agents for their services. Overall, bail agents were the only profession that we analyzed that garnered more positive mentions that negative ones leading to a social media favorability score of 57%.