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Delaware has gone the way of New Jersey

“With great sadness, we inform you that Delaware has gone the way of New Jersey. Click here to read the latest update.

“Bail has been lost in another East Coast state which is quickly becoming a strong hold for the proponents of bail reform. Unfortunately, this loss is very reminiscent to other states that have lost. Too few bail agents participate in the fight – both money and minds are needed to prevail. Please do not allow this to happen in Connecticut. We need you to join, volunteer and contribute to the BAC or we certainly will suffer the same fate. Please click here to get your membership today!

“Our industry’s opponents are well funded, well positioned and very organized. Fortunately for bail, we have truth and the Constitution on our side. This is not just a fight for our jobs, it is a fight to preserve American jurisprudence and prevent them from furthering the socialist agenda.

“Thank you.”

Partnership to help inmates re-enter New London community

“Operating at no cost, a new partnership between the city and the state Department of Correction aims to connect former inmates with stable housing in an effort to reduce recidivism…

“What we’re doing is we’re working very collaboratively with the DOC to make sure that people who are from New London, who will be returning to New London when they finish their sentences, have a plan for transition and re-entry that is developed very early on in their prison sentence,” she said. “These folks are coming here anyway. That’s why we want to be prepared.”

Check out this article to read more about how New London is focusing on reintegrating inmates into their communities.